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I Bless the Sacred Nine Directions

High there ~ Rainbow family ~ Let me bow to thee. Cup of GoD is back (Summer Solstice 2011)~ Let's Dance!

Let me share my heart with thee. I finally re-unite with my family. I have been in a hole, U know, the kinda U make yourself. That’s why here starts my log-diary (magenta child's stories to share), blessings wherever I go – every cigarette (golden leaf, must start from the green grass steep/le), what a show! I should smoke less, or can one over-bless ;-) ? The fire-forgiveness-ceremony appeared to bee strange, as I was shocked about the huge field and range, of beings that came to my mind, bee (dream impossible dreams) it_I LOVE, bee it_I FORGIVE, bee it_I BLESS, in the end_it was “ALL kind ;-) ”.

Self-esteem re-charged, love spread along my way through the day. Blessing spaces I enter, the air & smoke I inhale, The fire (sun and rainbow colors), the water (rain, tears, clouds in the sky) need to bee ordinarily blessed and so do I. And so WBCW (White Buffalo Calf Woman our Twin Deer Mother) is right in saying that: “Upon blessing, ALL is well” (fine-tuned synchronicity says I, vision of me, the dream). The first step is done. We have come to the very core of my E-G-O (selfishness has been relieved through sacred blessings). Let’s rock those final walls! – Judging from day 01 (today), the blessings (Holy Week Day) really seemed to have infected the outcome of the day’s “meetings” & “experiments” positively (rather the right way, heavenly on the blue road display, the heart radiates all the way, a light from within, the golden ray, brotherhood is here to stay).

~ Yee-Haa ~ ThanX

Bowing to U, so U can flow through (grandmother dreamspace, gray),

your Magenta-Aqua-Yellow ~dancer~,

& wanna-bee “great caretaker & great librarian”

Blessed bee ***

Bees are world-class navigators. Honeybees communicate direction and distance from the hive to nectar sources through a sophisticated dance "language". In 1973, Karl von Frisch received a Nobel Prize for deciphering this bee language, which consists of a circle dance and a tail wagging dance. It accurately tells other bees the angle from the sun and the distance to the nectar. Bees use the sun as a compass. Even when the sun is obscured by clouds, bees can detect it's position from the light in brighter patches of the sky. Bees also can see ultraviolet designs in flowers like an airplane circling an airport sees the landing lights on a runway. Honeybees also have a built-in clock that appears to be synchronized with the secretion of nectar from flowers.

Do your dance, be the romance. The sweetness of the flower upon your breathe. Do bow to know the glorious show, it will be okay in a moment, when you let it all flow (through). Do not doubt who you are, the radiant and true. Just do your blessings and learn to exchange, your gift of love for all of his pain. Sings Grandmother Comfort in the Wind for Cup of God, the Honey Bees!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carousel, My Ring Dispels, Because I Return Home to Heaven and Pray. Cup of God Teaches Us How to Validate!

Carousel (merry-go-round, painted treasured wooden horses, each exquisite and unique), do it well. Go round and round we go.  Can you see the ring (ring catching, from the carousel) on the hill (rainbow), where all does flow. Carousel, my carousel, come with me rain or shine. Let me vision all the roaming vine!  I want to see, the heart of me. Come share the well of life.  And in a storm, which is norm, you just have to know, it's perfect strife. God give me a good life!

Oh my carousel, my carousel, watch all the little horses (horse represents the soul, the rider) go by.  And watch them flow, to always glow, like little rainbow shows. I watch them glow. I watch them show. What a great awesome reward.  Like magical, like spells of love, look inward, that's where we go.

Now reach inside. And look alive.  It's time for us to survive.  And when it's cold, just reach for gold (abundance and brotherhood), and God will ride the tide. Watch it glow, make love to all, fill rainbows, with satisfactory show. Then let it go, have a good ride down the rainbow, where all the gold, will be your surprise.

My carousel, my carousel, my horses of all of you. I watch you go. I watch you flow, like diamonds in a stew.  But where you fly, like unicorns glide, with wings, beyond compare.  I say to you, my hearty view, we are going to a place, where it shines, the heart inside, looking to shine/bind.

When glory filled, of yester years, we understand our hearts, but what if we did find Galilee (promised land), where freedom left us still (heaven is here, to embrace, take a taste, know it's god's embrace, stop and receive your hug today).  Look into your reflection and watch yourself shine, because of you, my heart is glue, to all of rainbow shine, the glowing of my mind.

Like little shows, the rainbow glows, my horses, you do flow. Around you go, and in a show, just prance like in a view.  We watch you glow, like in a show, you prance around, to show us your true (show of horses/equestrian, horseman, events
*, the soul that shares true).  Now look inside, be satisfied, because it's a great ride. 
Round and round, it's heaven's sound, and now it's time for us to collide. I watch you go, but heavens knows, you need to shine inside. And when you find the dream inside, then all will be such a heavenly ride.  Round and round, my carousel, watch the sound, the dreams you make, the vision quest, that grounds (from heavenly soul to the earthly flesh, dreams come alive).

And whispers true, between me and you. God will share all this with pride.  Be honored filled, to know this world, is gifts in all you do. Come share your wealth, your dreams to fulfill, because it's time to arrive.  It's where we go round the show, where men and plants survive.  Where rainbows shine, and rocks do blind, because of all it's light. Magic shows, just watch them glow, my heart is yearning for this time.  My heart is yearning to be blind ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ (a light from within, shines out again, the soul regains freedom in the wind, trusting the wave/sine).

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person, drums andWhite Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person, sings for the heart of Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out, magenta warrior.  We three  come to share the yellow of the dream (we all carry yellow overlay) and the next phase of evolution, the golden brotherhood (yellow hill of the dawning), paradise in the House of the Beloved, all the rainbow children from all our relatives, Upper Heaven, Lower Heaven (fold together), Heaven and Earth (fold together). We follow your dreams!

*carousel (historical terms) a tournament in which horsemen took part in races and various manoeuvres in formation.
Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  And round and round it goes...like the earth that turns round and round - really beautifull - indeed - thank you my beloved Twin deer Mother and his Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star - woo-hoo - yeah - hey hey hey. This song somehow motivates me, gonna make my dreams come true for the best of all.
 White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes, it is very beautiful, your heart. I see all the winds blowing down the center of four hoops. The file was too big for google chat, they told me it was too big, so I sent it twice. Oh well, you have it twice. Well that is deep, just like a Cup of God. Can I help you with anything today?

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out: Ha ha :)

White Buffalo Calf Woman: B-)
Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Wake up, my beloved Brothers and Sisters - Ring - Ring - the carousel ride starts NOW! Ha ha - I am in a good mood today!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Yes, Holiness David Running Eagle didn't know about the Ring Catch on the carousel ride. But we also think of the "ring of freedom" (sound, song, voice, that sets us free, tears, winds), when our souls descends and swirls towards the center into eternal life. In numerology, you brought up the concepts of completion in the number nine, as your rainbow colors added up to this sum. Oh, it's completes the cycle or returning to the beginning (ring, complete a cycle, but more like a path, like going around in a circle, like a track), but it's more like I said, when you spoke about the Magenta or "Halls of Consciousness", that you are, where all four hoops gather together in the passageway, while chattering away. During the third phase of evolution we think of dreams, and when we return home to our souls, we awaken to our consciousness within, which is heavenly spirit.  We are trying to turn this spirit, into a Great Spirit, by trusting eternal knowledge, written on your heart, perfectly.  To read this information one must enter the seeking or vision questions. A Magenta person, teaches us, when they achieve their own greatness, to be the Great Caretaker, by teaching us all to dream, to embrace our souls and to live this knowing, with our physical world around us, to bring brotherhood to the masses.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out: Does this mean one can complete one color - e.g. Magenta - and then proceed to the next which would be?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  No

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  The next color ascends?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  It's a path our souls fly upon, like a side walk.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  I will always be Magenta?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Our souls always descend. We will always move down in colors. Learn to be dense, as our souls travel further and closer to Mother Earth. After you move all the overlays, then you move your Magenta, I cannot guess, how long this will be, eons. You know, like a second hand, must turn, then the minute hand, then the hour hand, then the day hand, then the month hand, then the year hand, etc. Time, time, time, eternal we are thine! Thank you God.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Well, if we can enjoy life - in union with Earth - and not suffer - then it can go on forever - learning and growing.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:Suffering is heaven's lessons, the vehicle to descending with our souls. It's when we use love, that we earn this right. Turn lessons into treasures. Evolve with the soul.

My darlings it's where we need to be, going up and down rides, always looking out for the other side, can I go up or must I go down, which way will get me over to the clown (healing laughter).  Waves of lights fill me up, now I can drink from that Cup, oh my God who is there to hold me close, I will leap over and forth (have faith). Going round and round, like a ferris wheel, teaching me that it's all for real.  And it's time for us to collide, to begin again, to go for a new ride.Heaven embrace me inside!  Heaven's embrace, the tears of a clown, bring waterfalls and paradise.  It's time for us to allow dreams to shout. Catch the ring, return again, wed thy self your soul, will be let out.  Then you will know bridges, to where castles are legend, because you will be the royal and stout, you will be the blue royal heart of the rainbow ark. All will be part, when they learn their own part, by listening and validating all that's said, then we will be happy home again. Heaven and Earth, will show a new girth, begins a world, full of suns, where brotherhood and sisterhood, will reign/rain!

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  So suffering is needed?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Absolutely. What if you never ever suffered?  How would you know what joy is?

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Would be boring - no need for change!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Tears bring us heaven, the waters, that feed all of creation.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Yes, but at least Mother earth - the planet - should not suffer - not anymore, should not be raped anymore.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Well not really. Suffering is what we do for love. We give to those who do not know or have learn to give. This is what you need to work on. You say things, like you want to do, but you don't. This is not doing what you say. This is a conflict of your soul and your flesh, not happiness, but suffering. You have others who you need forgive, to release you from this pattern. Don't defend, wake up, realize, what you say and do. Make this sacred, validate rather than defend.

This statement is more defending, "I don't feel it that way, to defend - I just inform about the way I see it". Validation is repeating, reverberation of heaven, the spiritual embrace.  Now to unite, your soul, you must do this first, the law of love, repeat, regardless if you like it or not.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Mmhh, it's hard...why repeat? Say exactly what you have said? As if I do not understand the first time?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  That's right, repeat, regardless, it's validation.  This is law. This is allowing others to feel the way they feel. They are first, this is law. Servant to others first.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  You said, "I did not do what I said although I promised". (validated topic, but not the voice of other)

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Look you are still doing this defending, you have yet to validate, even though I repeated twice about your behavior. (We give to those who do not know or have learn to give. This is what you need to work on. You say things, like you want to do, but you don't. This is not doing what you say. This is a conflict of your soul and your flesh, not happiness, but suffering. You have others who you need forgive, to release you from this pattern. Don't defend, wake up, realize, what you say and do. Make this sacred, validate rather than defend.)
Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  I just want to explain why!

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Validation is repeating.  Why do you have more rights than others?

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  I have to validate?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Yes, it's law of love, allowing others, is first and foremost.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  You say, "Why do I have more rights than others?" Is it like that?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  What makes you think you have more rights than others? This is repeating, then you give your point of view.  Not to easy, yet fundamentally easy. What blocks us is often a person, who did not offer us this validation, then we don't allow others to have their own point of view. It's forgiveness, that allows us to be free, to receive and hear others. This is why we must validate, unite our hearts, then negotiate, exchange, what needs to be known in communication.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  It's like...I always ~ interrupt others, because I am afraid that I do forget what I wanted to say or do not have the possibility to say what's on my mind.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  You know I am like this too, but if we break the law, then we are not using love. I say, write it down. I carry a book around with me everywhere I go, to be sure to catch those thoughts and songs, that I can share with others.  This issues we don't miss anything. But often, we just can't get it all, but we must trust that our thoughts are carried in the winds of time, to chime, free to be heavenly song. When I forget something, I feel and then start singing, I trust my soul will remember, when my thoughts are somewhere else. But it's always the unification of both soul and flesh, to allows us freedom and joy, the sun dance does rise, the dream survives.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  And when repeating eveything what others say, all the time, they might think I am stupid or I will feel stupid!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  What makes you think you have more rights than others? Everyone has fundamental rights and this is how we offer this right. With validation, you are offering another the right, to speak their heart's purpose, their point of view in the Oneness of God. If you don't take the time to make others feel embraced with validation, you will not be able to move into the physical realm with unity, where sharing of stories, negotiation and great building through cooperation. What often happens as the world continually proves, that man, will be out for self, rather than serving others, at odds with each other. Heaven allows, receives, validates, reverberates stillness, like ripples in a pond.
Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  You made me think, "Do I have more rights than others...or that we just take those rights (abusive behavior) by not using law or by not validating?"

White Buffalo Calf Woman: When someone doesn't validate or repeat, they are looking like only their opinions count. This is not unity, but separation, feudalism.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  mmhh

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Others need to count too, to feel this unity, one must validate and repeat, this time, is the spiritual embrace, the law of heaven

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out: But all the time?

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Yes, you get better at it later, but even in our elders agenda meetings, we use a stick to talk with. And one must have the stick in order to talk, to create a sense of others are truly listening. Think of of like this, might help you. But heaven reverberates, validates, bounces off the walls, towards the center of unity.

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Okay - I will practice, sea (envision with a heart) that stick.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Listen to your heart, rather than the mind, this is the shift. Okay. That's listening, you did receive. (Here she finally validates the original statement. "Don't defend, wake up, realize, what you say and do. Make this sacred, validate rather than defend."  We are over joyed.)
Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  And I thought I was doing this already!

White Buffalo Calf Woman: WE are always learning.<3

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Yes, always ... Thank you for the song and lesson. THANK you

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Love you and talk with you in the hoops, sweet dreams! Aho, Holiness David and I send love in the sacred nine directions of the brass ring, who returns home to know joy and dreams do come true.<3

Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out:  Yes, hopefully! Thank you. Love and blessings to you and his Holiness too.  Aho <3 

Sent later!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  
Oh (begin flight), Holiness David and I was talking, then we brought up to saying, "I will send you, then not do it". Then you realized that it's about you, and who failed you in the past, yester years. Do your fire ceremonyhttp://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/blessingsandprayers/creatingsacredspace/fireceremony to forgive those who failed to live up to your expectations. Abundance now changes, because soon, all will have like the birds, who fly free, finding food along the way. Aho (flight in heaven, freedom is known).

Carousel Of Life title graphic.  Carousel Of Life is an original poem of inspiration by Francine Pucillo©2001-2003.
Reaching for the brass ring
On this Carousel of life
Hoping I will grab it
For me so much delight

Want my dreams to come true
Special ones to share
God will always bless you
His Love in life aware

Family always gathered
Each one you can embrace
Journey on with beauty
Each one your saving grace

Friends to always be there
Whenever there's a need
Wrap their arms around you
With confidence succeed
 Compassion surely given
Will then be well received
Know the wisdom of this
In life with love concede

All these things I wish for
The Carousel rewound
Peace and love with happiness
Life's brass ring so profound.
Francine Pucillo 2001-2003 ~
Many other wonderful stories!
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

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