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I Bless the Sacred Nine Directions

High there ~ Rainbow family ~ Let me bow to thee. Cup of GoD is back (Summer Solstice 2011)~ Let's Dance!

Let me share my heart with thee. I finally re-unite with my family. I have been in a hole, U know, the kinda U make yourself. That’s why here starts my log-diary (magenta child's stories to share), blessings wherever I go – every cigarette (golden leaf, must start from the green grass steep/le), what a show! I should smoke less, or can one over-bless ;-) ? The fire-forgiveness-ceremony appeared to bee strange, as I was shocked about the huge field and range, of beings that came to my mind, bee (dream impossible dreams) it_I LOVE, bee it_I FORGIVE, bee it_I BLESS, in the end_it was “ALL kind ;-) ”.

Self-esteem re-charged, love spread along my way through the day. Blessing spaces I enter, the air & smoke I inhale, The fire (sun and rainbow colors), the water (rain, tears, clouds in the sky) need to bee ordinarily blessed and so do I. And so WBCW (White Buffalo Calf Woman our Twin Deer Mother) is right in saying that: “Upon blessing, ALL is well” (fine-tuned synchronicity says I, vision of me, the dream). The first step is done. We have come to the very core of my E-G-O (selfishness has been relieved through sacred blessings). Let’s rock those final walls! – Judging from day 01 (today), the blessings (Holy Week Day) really seemed to have infected the outcome of the day’s “meetings” & “experiments” positively (rather the right way, heavenly on the blue road display, the heart radiates all the way, a light from within, the golden ray, brotherhood is here to stay).

~ Yee-Haa ~ ThanX

Bowing to U, so U can flow through (grandmother dreamspace, gray),

your Magenta-Aqua-Yellow ~dancer~,

& wanna-bee “great caretaker & great librarian”

Blessed bee ***

Bees are world-class navigators. Honeybees communicate direction and distance from the hive to nectar sources through a sophisticated dance "language". In 1973, Karl von Frisch received a Nobel Prize for deciphering this bee language, which consists of a circle dance and a tail wagging dance. It accurately tells other bees the angle from the sun and the distance to the nectar. Bees use the sun as a compass. Even when the sun is obscured by clouds, bees can detect it's position from the light in brighter patches of the sky. Bees also can see ultraviolet designs in flowers like an airplane circling an airport sees the landing lights on a runway. Honeybees also have a built-in clock that appears to be synchronized with the secretion of nectar from flowers.

Do your dance, be the romance. The sweetness of the flower upon your breathe. Do bow to know the glorious show, it will be okay in a moment, when you let it all flow (through). Do not doubt who you are, the radiant and true. Just do your blessings and learn to exchange, your gift of love for all of his pain. Sings Grandmother Comfort in the Wind for Cup of God, the Honey Bees!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jewish New Year 5771 New Moon in Virgo, Prayer for 10 Days of the Wind!

Thursday. Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish year. The Jewish day begins at sunset when the new crescent Moon is visible. 

It is a beautiful kabbalistic tradition [Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, Qabbalah "receiving"; Qabala) is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Rabbinic Judaism] to give away something on New year - gift something to somebody.

On September 8, we have a New Moon in Virgo at 10:31 am UTC. (6:30 am EDT, 3:30 am PDT). 

During a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are always conjunct -- that is in the same degree ofthe zodiac, and within an eight degree orb of each other. Every New Moon we have is a coming togetherof the masculine energy of the Sun with the feminine energy of the Moon.

New Moons represent new beginnings -- fresh starts. When the dual forces of the Sun and Moon join hands in their monthly cosmic dance, they create an ebb and flowof opposites -- the conscious versus the unconscious - action versus receptive intuition. This is the Dark Side of the Moon and the energies of the Moon are now at a subconscious level. We probe deeper and review our innermost needs and desires, and we plant seeds.

New Moons are about balance of these opposing forces -- the cosmic balance of the male and female energies, the Yin and the Yang -- both in our individual selves and in the universe. The fast moving Moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac every 28 days. The energy of each New Moon takes on thequalities of the sign the Sun and the Moon come together in - giving us the full kaleidoscope of energies.

The New Moon in Virgo has potent lunar energies. Not only do we have the Sun and Moon holding hands in Virgo, we also have Mars and Venus in close conjunction with each other in Libra. Mercury, ruler of Virgo is retrograde. Later, in the day, Venus moves out of Venus into seductive and passionate Scorpio. This is also a Super New Moon, which occurs when the Moon is at its closet approach to the Earth. Super Moons generate greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls on the Earth's oceans and tectonic plates as well as on our psyches. Afterall, the human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females!

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and it is exacting. Virgo is driven by duty; it is industrious, methodical and efficient. This New Moon is aboutbalance -- the balance between what we want to do and what we need to do -- service to others versus service to self -- spirituality versus practicality. The energies of the cosmos want us to analyze elements of our present behavior that may be out of balance and set them right. This New Moon helps us recognize truths about ourselves and wants us to focus on our particular path this lifetime.  Thank you http://www.astrology.com

Blessings relatives - be prepared for Jewish New Year 5771 Thursday...New moons are also good for feasting...
Love you ***  ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ 

Cup of GOD - Magenta Person
Halls of Consciousness
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

bc: Belgiumese (Belgae an ancient Celtic People) Come Feel the Breeze.  It's a shadow out there. (excerpt from elders agenda meeting, 09082010.

cw:  White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings with "Belgae Come Feel the Breeze"

bc:  I come to sing a song for elders of this town. I come to sing a song, to bring us up from a frown. I come to sing a song, to bring the heart of a clown (medicine to heal your heart).  We need to help the elders find a heart to come to sing. To sing a song, brings in no harm and elders need the sun.

cw:  Rainbows are shining, take a heart that is blinding (alightfromwithin). I know it's where we are thundering from (heaven). But in the tales of tomorow, we seek a place of sorrow (stones of tears), to bring in heaven's reign again (perfect blessings for everyone). How do you think the blue will win...d?  I look forwards to this sin....(Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge". Purify the sky, bring in the shields, bows, swords, knives, etc. to sever ignorance, bring in evolution in the wind, with the law of love, riding in the hearts of rainbow clouds.)

bc:  I feel a heart beat growing, notice and a showing, down a sacred road, to divinity. And when we get there blooming, then all the sin, will be looming, to portray a new way, because they did say. I bless you, I do, because you are true, an elder who came to rescue you.

cw:  And when the sun does set today, I tell you truly, the song of heaven does rise again, the darkness full filling. and when our hearts do greet, then all will be a meet, the gathering of clans, not just of man, but heaven's abounding joy.

bc: We are on the round about, ready to give in and shout.  We know the song singing.  We think we are bringing, the soul that's beyond, but it's near. Let's bless the inside of hear. (so cute)

cw:  Here we go a blessing, taking sacred lesson, turning them into stones of destiny (crystalline stone river).  I say, I'll be a treasure, because there is measure of how, we do glide down the sacred slide, where evolution brings me near to thee.

bc: Counting, two and three, now it's time for me.  I'm the four way track, look I'm going fast (laughter, from the sacred four directions).  And now, the looking is fine, always showing a great big shine.  Look at my teeth today, whiter than any other place (seeds for tomorrow).  I say, I'm a tear of magic, because it's where roots take havoc, to produce the soil, to make us boil, the seed turns into age, and what do I have, but sacred space.

cw:  Listen to the toil, turning over the soil.  Waiting and watching rainbows in the sky, bringing tears of heaven, crying over time.  And there my tree does grow and show age, with fruit I share with thee.  I'm looking at the sun and the breeze.  Come share your story here with me! (read a book of life)

bc: I'm gathering, practicing, how to make ends meet, the soul and the flesh do need to mesh, but how, do I get them to share?  (laughter)  And it's a wave of destiny, that brings us home this day. I'm going to the favorite blue (relatives on the tree of life), the soul's home, me and you, (low note, law of love) the heaven's house of dew. (high note, heavenly tone) The song that finds love in you

* 9/8 eve to 9/10 eve: Rosh Hashanah/Jewish New Year (Year 5771)--Commemorates Creation of the World by Elohim, the one universal Deity; begins ten days of self-examination and penitence for harm done. [This signifies day five of Creation, when humans were created.] [See Blessing for Life/Beracha Shehechiyanu.] [On Rosh Hashanah, everyone is judged by Elohim based on his or her actions during the previous year. The resulting judgment is inscribed, and everyone's future is determined for the following year. Though that judgment is inscribed, it is not yet sealed and can still be changed until Yom Kippur, when the book is sealed for the year. Regret for past misdeeds, commitment to future good deeds, prayer, and charity can change a bad decree. The shofar is blown to mark the new year and the beginning of the ten Days of Penitence.] [See Psalm/Tehillim 106:3: "Happy are those who act justly, who do right at all times" and Psalm/Tehillim 119: "Happy are those who keep the judgments, and practice righteousness at all times".] [See Prayers of Confession/Viddui] [Rosh Hashanah a/k/a Rosh Hashana, Rosh HaShanah; Days of Penitence a/k/a Days of Repentance, Days of Awe, High Holy Days, Aseret Yemei Teshuva, Yamim Noraim] [Tishri 1-2]

Prayer for 10 Days of the Winds

There is a rushing winds inside me. I wonder where it flows, because I look for rainbows, to know the sacred glow. My heart is full of bounty as heaven enters me. I look at stars in heaven, when lights go down in me.  And dreams take me to heaven, where all does shine so bright, if only I could linger, to bring heaven home this night.  And when I awake, I remember, my dream was for today, to live a better way.  

When lights within does slumber, to bring in lullabies, my heart feels good tonight. The day light and the night time, it seems a rushing winds.  And now, my dreams unfold me, inside heaven's embrace I run.  The rushing winds, find me, to take my dream up high.  Now stars in the heaven's find a place to reside.

Give me my sorrow, bring in riches next year, abundance tells a story, that God is here to stay.  And when I share my riches, then all will be good fortune for sure, because all my neighbors, will be fulfilled too.  I only need my relatives (in the galaxy), the ones who come and go with me. I love the world and all it gives, I bless all that sifts. 

And those who were yesterday, I bless you and hope you pray, because your dreams are meaningful, just like our dreams we feel. Let's go to sleep and find heaven's gate, in order we can collide, to bring heaven home tonight. And my heart will be humble born, to bring the light of the sun, the dream of heaven's rungs (evolution steps, descending of the soul, diving into heaven, when we dream at night, our hearts ignite, to bring us our living suns).

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Happy New Moon for the Great Harvest.

The teachings of Judaism come from the written tradition and the oral tradition, both of which were given by the Holy One, blessed be He, on Mount Sinai over 3300 years ago. The written tradition is the Torah consisting of the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, all written in the language of biblical Hebrew. The open part of the oral tradition was written down not quite 1500 years ago and is found in the Talmud, written in the language of Aramaic. The less open part, the hidden light, is carried an oral tradition called the Kabbalah. Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew root meaning to receive. Kabbalah teaches how we can open ourselves to receive from God and how when we do this completely we become givers to God.

The teaching of Kabbalah is not just an intellectual teaching. It is a consciousness teaching of how we can utilize our consciousness to bring Godliness into the world by our thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. Kabbalah keeps us focused on why God created us in this world and what we can contribute and give to the world and to God. In this way Kabbalah teaches us to know God in all the ways in which our minds could possible know that which is totally beyond us.

Kabbalah is a God consciousness teaching: how by discplining our mind and our interpretations of that which is happening around us, we can maintain an awareness of God's presence. When we can maintain an awareness of God's presence, we easily become complete givers and receivers and facilitate others to become complete givers and receivers.

It is a beautiful kabbalistic tradition [Kabbalah קַבָּלָה‎, Receiving] to give away something on New year - gift something to somebody. 

Giving and Receiving
In every interaction there is a giving and receiving that happens simultaneously at multiple levels. Each level of giving and receiving constitutes a unification. The base level is when the giver gives what is to be given and the receiver receives it. The giver gives a vessel and the receiver receives and takes possession of the vessel being given. This is how conventional street wisdom understands giving and receiving.

This base level is not unified when the transaction is not complete. That is, when the receiver does not take possession of what is given. But this is not the only level. For the giver gives not only the vessel but also gives a spiritual essence along with the vessel. The spiritual essence is the essence of the giving from the giver's point of view. The essence is relative to the giver's intent of the giving and to how the giver hopes the receiver will be able to utilize the given vessel for both physical and spiritual purposes.

When the receiver receives what is being given, the receiver not only receives the vessel, but also receives the spiritual essence of what is given, as this spiritual essence is interpreted by the receiver. In the complete transaction, the receiver indicates to the giver that the receiver has received the spiritual essence of the giving by giving back to the giver the acceptance of the giving. For the receiver, in accepting what is given, is also giving this acceptance to the giver. To complete the unification at this level, the giver must accept the receiver's acceptance.

This second level of unification is easily understood by thinking about the usual social etiquette in the giving of a gift. The giver gives and the receiver receives. The receiver says something like, "Thank you, it is just what I wanted." indicating such an acceptance of what is received that the receiver's acceptance constitutes the receiver's giving to the initial giver. Then the initial giver says something like "Enjoy and use it well." This constitutes the initial giver's acceptance of the receiver's giving the receiver's acceptance of what the initial giver has given. Because the receiver has already told the giver that "it was just what I wanted," the giver's statement, "enjoy and use it well," completes the unification.

But when the receiver does not accept what the giver is giving, the transaction is not complete. Instead of a unification there is a disunification. The giver will feel rejected or angry. And unless the giver is able to control these feelings, the giver will initiate an entire new action sequence that in effect rejects the receiver's giving that consists of a rejection of the initial giver's giving. It would not be unusual for the initial giver's rejection to be emotionally raw and initiating a new round of disunifications.

There is yet another level to the giving and receiving that is not necessarily apparent from the verbal social interaction. This level is a higher spiritual level and has to do with the more global understanding and intent of the giver and the receiver. This level is activated when the giver understands and feels that the giver has been the receiver of Divine giving and as an agent of the Divine, the giver chooses to pass along the giving. The giver's understanding and feeling that the giver has been the receiver of the Divine giving constitutes the giver's acceptance of the Divine giving. For this the giver thinks or says a blessing. This level is unified when the receiver understands that the giver is in fact acting as an agent of the Divine and therefore, the receiving is not just a physical/spiritual receiving, but a spiritual receiving from the Divine as well. For this the receiver thinks, says or gives a blessing. And this constitutes the receiver's acceptance of the Divine giving.

There is one higher spiritual level. This is the level at which both giver and receiver make a conscious choice to understand everything happening in their lives starting from the point of receiving the Divine giving. This is the level of so aligning their individual wills with the Divine will that the giver and receiver are always evaluating and understanding, not from their individual point of view, nor from their family's point of view, nor even from their country's point of view. But they are evaluating and understanding from the point of view of the Creator. The issue is whether the act in question will in its direct and indirect effects be of greater benefit to the universe than any other act that could be undertaken.

We call this level the level of cosmic consciousness. It carries with it a central internal calmness and peacefulness, an equanimity, that cannot be shaken. For at this level, the ego is nullified. There is no reason for reacting or getting upset about the seemingly bad things that others are doing. There is no reason for being upset about a giving that is not being received. All this is understood as the hand of the Divine setting up situations that make possible the revealment of the highest level of virtue that we, to whom the badness is done, or we whose giving has been rejected, are capable of revealing. For it is in these situations that we have the possibility of bringing into manifestion (open revealment) the virtues of a tzaddik.

The challenging or difficult situations are precisely those situations in which a special Divine spiritual giving is occuring to us. The issue is whether we are open for receiving it. When we are, we are deeply thankful for this possibility. We complete the transaction by completely receiving what has been given and we do what must be done to reveal the highest level of virtue that we can. Our center is not moved and we experience indescribable delight.

Let us consider the situation where the giver forces the receiver to receive something the receiver does not want to receive. The receiver may not want to receive the given vessel itself or may not want to receive the spiritual essence given along with the vessel, or may not want to receive either. For example, what happens when the giver gives an insult to the receiver or when the giver-merchant overcharges the receiver-buyer. In these kinds of giving the receiver has been wronged and the unification of the complete-giving/complete-receiving will not happen, unless the receiver acts in a specially virtuous way.

The insulting statement not only is a put down, but it is not true. The overcharging merchant is not fair. We engaged in the transaction with an implicit understanding that the exchange was to be a fair exchange. We had no desire to get from the merchant either more than what is proper or less than what is proper for the fair exchange. We, the receiver have been violated by the bad thing given to us.

Let us look more closely at the situation. The giver was in control. The giver was the initiator and was responsible for the wrong doing given to the receiver, a wrong doing that has a dimension of vessel and has a dimension of spiritual essence. And the receiver must receive the bad thing the giver is giving. How can the receiver completely receive such a giving? For the giving by nature was not complete.

In another kind of situation, we may be the giver who gives essential and important information to a receiver. But the receiver actively rejects the information. Here, the rejection by the receiver constatutues a giving to the initial giver and the initial giver becomes the receiver of the initial receiver's rejection of the initial giver's giving. This rejection by the receiver constitutes the receiver's giving back to us. Our perception of this giving is that it is not a good giving. We have received something bad. When we receive a bad thing we feel bad for having been wronged; we get angry. An injustice was done. Our essential being has been violated.

In every situation that we do not completely receive, we judge that in some sense we have been violated. When we are violated we get angry. As the receiver, our problem is to completely receive a violation! How can we do that?

We must think as follows: We must think that the giver of the violation is the hand of God. Perhaps the bad we have been given is spiritually similar to a bad that we had earlier given to someone else. Or perhaps it is a badthat we were about to give to someone else. Or perhaps the bad we have been given carries within it a spark of Godliness and the situation has been expressly created for us to provide an opportunity to bring into action a virtue, to manifest a quality of Godliness, that is beyond what might be ordinarily expected. For example, God might have expressly created the situation for the purpose of providing us the possibility to manifest the appropriate virtues which would help the giver become a complete giver. If we, the receiver, could do this then since the giving would be complete, the receiving would be complete and the violation and hurt would disappear from existence. Or God might have expressly created the situation for the purpose of providing the possibility for us to manifest the virtues required to enable us to be a complete receiver of what the hand of God has given us. This latter case commonly happens for the purpose of bringing the realization to the receiver that the receiver must change the way the receiver makes judgements so that the the receiver might learn how to be more correct in interpreting the spiritual essence of what has been given.

Our first step to completely receive the bad is to accept the hurt and move on to take action which brings out the sparks of Godliness concealed within the bad, i.e. to act as the tzaddik. When we do this, something very interesting happens. Because we begin to engage in an action to reveal Godliness, the hurt goes away. It dissolves.

Initially it is the ego within us that yells: hurt! hurt! hurt! Return hurt to that which has hurt us! Withdraw from, isolate, conquer or destroy that which has hurt us! But as soon as we engage in an action to reveal Godliness, the ego becomes occupied as the coordinator of the activity we engage in to bring out and reveal the spark of Godliness. The ego which had been yelling hurt no longer is in existence.

With respect to the giver of the wrong, there is more. For the giver has not become a complete giver. To facilitate the giver becoming a complete giver the receiver must try, in a proper way, to make sure that all the facts are known by the giver. For perhaps if the giver more fully understands what actually happened, the giver would have acted differently. Doing this properly means that the receiver must fully understand the giver's assumptions, perspectives, and framework of operation, so that the receiver can engage a dialog with the giver and do so from the giver's point of view. This kind of dialog can straighten out mistakes made by the giver at the level of vessel or mistakes by the giver at the level of spiritual essence of what is given, or mistakes made by the receiver relative to the interpretation of the spiritual essence of what has been given.

If this level of action does not work, the receiver may initiate actions which catalyze social pressure to be put on the giver to right the wrong. Or the receiver may take legal action. Or the receiver may take no further action and just drop the situation. But for the receiver, the essence of what the receiver does is to help facilatate the giver to become a complete giver and for the receiver to become a complete receiver.

Now let us consider the situation from the point of view of the giver. How does the giver completely give in this situation in which the giver has just given a bad to the receiver. First the giver has to come to a recognition that a bad had been given. When the giver recognizes that the giver has made a mistake, the giver must immediately stop any other activities that involve making the same mistake and resolve not to make similar mistakes in the future. Then the giver must right all the similar past wrongs that the giver committed. This level is the level of nullifying the bad vessel of what had been given. The amount overcharged the receiver must be returned to the receiver. The giver must explain to the receiver that the giver made a mistake and that the giver will not make the mistake again. The insult must be taken back. The giver must go to the receiver and explain to the receiver of the insult that the giver no longer feels about or judges the receiver in such an insulting way.

Finally, the giver tells the receiver that the giver is sorry for having made the mistake. This is important because it is the action which undoes the giver's intent of giving the bad to the receiver and/or undoes the receiver's judgement that the giver had intended to give the bad to the receiver. This level is the level of nullifying thebad spiritual essence of what had been initially given.

The receiver completely receives the giver's taking back of the giver's mistake and completely receives the giver's regrets by telling the giver that the receiver has forgiven the giver. Everything now is all right. All is forgiven. The giver receives or acknowledges the receiver's acceptance of the giver's taking back of the giver'sbad by telling the receiver "thankyou for understanding." This level is the level of unification that completes the nullifying of the bad spiritual essence of what had been initially given.

This process of recognizing the mistake, stopping all other such mistakes that may be in process, resolving not to make such future mistakes, righting all the wrongs, and telling the receiver of the mistake that the giver is sorry constitute the process of return. The bad, both the vessel and its spiritual essence, which had been brought into existence is completely taken out of existence. It is returned to non-existence. We call this process Teshuvah, whose literal meaning is reply, answer, response, rejoinder, return, or repentance. It is related to the root שוב and associated with the passage:

And you shall return unto the Lord your God and hearken to His voice according to all that I command you this day, you and your children, with all your heart and with all your soul.{Deuteronomy 30:2.}
When we have made an error by incompletely giving or incompletely receiving, Teshuvah is our response, our reply, our answer, to the repair which must be done. It is the way we can recover from a mistake and continue on the mission of completely receiving and giving that we are called upon to do. Completing this mission is our return to a greater nearness to God, to a greater God-consciousness. Completely receiving and giving is how we unify God's name.


Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the Hebrew year. It is called Rosh Hashanah since "rosh" means head and "shanah" is year - the "ha" part makes the whole "head (or beginning of) the year" So, when you meet them, it is nice to wish your Jewish friends a happy new year. "Happy New Year" or the Hebrew equivalent "Shana Tova" are appropriate greetings.

If you wish to elaborate, you can wish them good health, happiness, love, peace, prosperity ... and whatever else you would wish someone beginning a new year. If you want to give a gift, kosher chocolates, candies, baked goods or fruit make thoughtful Rosh Hashanah gifts because sweets symbolize hopes for a sweet new year.
Yom Kippur is when Jewish people celebrate the Day of Atonement. It is fitting to continue with the "Happy New Year" or "Shana Tova" greeting all the way through Yom Kippur as this whole period is considered the start of the new year. You could also wish your Jewish friends a "Good Signing" (in the Book of Life) or the Hebrew equivalent "Hatima Tova," but it is more apprpriate to use that only for greeting the more orthodox of your Jewish friends. They are the ones most likely to use such a greeting. Given Yom Kippur is a fast day, you could also wish your Jewish friends an "Easy Fast" or the Hebrew equivalent "Tzom Kal." Gifts are not given for Yom Kippur.
You don't need to wait till Jewish New Year Day to begin using this greeting since, like the non-Jewish person uses "Happy New Year" from a few days before, so does the Jew. So, if you run into friends who greet you with "Shana Tova," smile and greet them the same way, right back. 
Brought to you by Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Alightfromwithin.Org

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