A New Day, a Cup of God Creation!

Cup of God Creation From Original Song "Treasures I Behold, Our Children" http://www.divshare.com/download/15702585-7dc

I Bless the Sacred Nine Directions

High there ~ Rainbow family ~ Let me bow to thee. Cup of GoD is back (Summer Solstice 2011)~ Let's Dance!

Let me share my heart with thee. I finally re-unite with my family. I have been in a hole, U know, the kinda U make yourself. That’s why here starts my log-diary (magenta child's stories to share), blessings wherever I go – every cigarette (golden leaf, must start from the green grass steep/le), what a show! I should smoke less, or can one over-bless ;-) ? The fire-forgiveness-ceremony appeared to bee strange, as I was shocked about the huge field and range, of beings that came to my mind, bee (dream impossible dreams) it_I LOVE, bee it_I FORGIVE, bee it_I BLESS, in the end_it was “ALL kind ;-) ”.

Self-esteem re-charged, love spread along my way through the day. Blessing spaces I enter, the air & smoke I inhale, The fire (sun and rainbow colors), the water (rain, tears, clouds in the sky) need to bee ordinarily blessed and so do I. And so WBCW (White Buffalo Calf Woman our Twin Deer Mother) is right in saying that: “Upon blessing, ALL is well” (fine-tuned synchronicity says I, vision of me, the dream). The first step is done. We have come to the very core of my E-G-O (selfishness has been relieved through sacred blessings). Let’s rock those final walls! – Judging from day 01 (today), the blessings (Holy Week Day) really seemed to have infected the outcome of the day’s “meetings” & “experiments” positively (rather the right way, heavenly on the blue road display, the heart radiates all the way, a light from within, the golden ray, brotherhood is here to stay).

~ Yee-Haa ~ ThanX

Bowing to U, so U can flow through (grandmother dreamspace, gray),

your Magenta-Aqua-Yellow ~dancer~,

& wanna-bee “great caretaker & great librarian”

Blessed bee ***

Bees are world-class navigators. Honeybees communicate direction and distance from the hive to nectar sources through a sophisticated dance "language". In 1973, Karl von Frisch received a Nobel Prize for deciphering this bee language, which consists of a circle dance and a tail wagging dance. It accurately tells other bees the angle from the sun and the distance to the nectar. Bees use the sun as a compass. Even when the sun is obscured by clouds, bees can detect it's position from the light in brighter patches of the sky. Bees also can see ultraviolet designs in flowers like an airplane circling an airport sees the landing lights on a runway. Honeybees also have a built-in clock that appears to be synchronized with the secretion of nectar from flowers.

Do your dance, be the romance. The sweetness of the flower upon your breathe. Do bow to know the glorious show, it will be okay in a moment, when you let it all flow (through). Do not doubt who you are, the radiant and true. Just do your blessings and learn to exchange, your gift of love for all of his pain. Sings Grandmother Comfort in the Wind for Cup of God, the Honey Bees!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude In Prayer as We Say Farewell to 2009

To our Community of the Heart, Relatives...
Thank you for being a part of our lives, and sharing time in 2009 together!  

May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful awakenings and graceful journeys.  May we have courage to look for the blessing in every moment,  and the audacity
to celebrate it! 

May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring through every word.  May our waking dreams be filled with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without. 

May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family of Love.  

May we choose Love over fear;  unity and harmony over separation and discord.  May we have the strength to claim our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed, and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes.  May our elders be honored for the wisdom each bears.  May every Heart  trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive, and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our eyes to the sacred in all things.  May we breathe prayers of thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift this Life brings.
This is our prayer.  We give thanks it is so!  And so it is!
Blessed be, beloved Rainbow family,
Shine your light - always!
May every moment be a special one!
Love - Cup of GoD
Magenta Warrior,  

Warriors of the Earth  
Blessed Song I give to you, to know the Sacred Blue. The home that we long to know true, the loving Blue (heart knowing relatives). Where distance is just a call, when you need all that's water fall (tears) and spring will light up inside your heart to find the blue, red illumination's call (finding your spirit)...aho, may your spirit fly!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2009 The Moon occults the Pleiades

Dec 01, Tuesday. The Moon occults the Pleiades in the midnight sky visible in Japan, Moon occulting the PleiadesChina, Asia and India. This is the first of two occultations by the Moon this month with the second being on December 28. Because the Pleiades covers the last degree of Taurus and the first degree of Gemini the waxing Moon enters Gemini at 6:23 am Pacific Time. These Occultations are accelerating the energy of this star group covering and uncovering the deep hidden mysteries that have inspired humanity for eons of time.

The 1600 BC. Nebra Sky Disk found near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany is a 30 cm in diameter bronze blue green disk with gold symbols. The symbols include the Pleiades star cluster between the Sun and Lunar Crescent suggesting this disk was a time gauge Nebra Sky Diskoriented to the Pleiades rising and setting alerting this ancient culture to the changing weather patterns that affect the time to plant and harvest.
There are aspects of the disk that are oriented to the seasonal cycles of the Sun tracking Solstices at 82 degrees North Latitude exactly where the disk was found. This is a great 10 minute YouTube about the disk.

Uranus (22 Pisces 42) stations direct today energizing yet another assemblage point shift that may result in unexpected occurrences. For those who have planets or angles between 22 and 27 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini this represents a shift in your current Uranus initiation cycle signaling the ending phase of the cycle. Uranus will return to 26 Pisces 40 next year so if you have a planet or angle in the above signs near this degree your initiation cycle will continue into next year. Expect the unexpected as this is a time for a grand cosmic shift in reality designed to encompass a greater celestial perspective from this middle world vantage point.
Also Venus moves into Sagittarius late tonight or early tomorrow morning depending on your time zone traveling through this domain until December 25 seeking out greater truth and meaning as the Queen of Heaven is now disappearing from the morning sky.

Plus late tonight or early tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone) is the Gemini Full Moon (10 Gemini 15) exactly conjunct Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull. This star marked the Spring Equinox about 5,000 years ago when Antares marked the Autumnal Equinox. This is because these stars are opposite of each other in the sky forming a stargate axis near the Galactic Center and the Galactic Edge providing direct access to the power and potency located along Galactic Plane. The Sun is conjunct Antares and the Moon is conjunct Aldebaran in this Full Moon window activating these stargate stars.

Aldebaran in the HyadesDec 02, Wednesday. The Gemini Trickster Full Moon energy is still in effect as the Full Moon rises just before 6 pm local time. We are being reminded to NOT to take ourselves too seriously while also taking time to creatively find ways to have fun. If what you are doing is not fun, is there a way to make it fun? Or is there a way to do something else, make a different choice, take a risk, and courageously leap into a new experience. What do you really have to lose?

Venus descends into the underworld and prepares to pass 5 degrees N of Antares on December 9. Venus is disappearing from the morning sky and will travel with the Sun for the next 70 days or so meaning it is not visible in either the morning or evening sky. This equates to an underworld initiation for Venus where she dies to who she was and is being reborn again in late February as described in the cosmological telling of Inanna.

Underworld initiations are an otherworldly experience designed to take a person beyond their ordinary reality. This underworld (or otherworld) quest includes discovering new possibilities, new truths, and new ways of experiencing the realm of spirit. In many myths the underworld realm is the place of great treasures and riches that are accessed through the courage and strength required to face our fears.

This Full Moon window is activating the Antares/Aldebaran stargate with the Sun near Aldebaran is 38 times bigger than our SunAntares and the Moon near Aldebaran. Each year around this time the Sun passes by Antares. This means the Sun is in the magical six-degree window of this Behenian Star from November 26 to December 9 illuminating the energies from this area of the sky. This year Venus travels within 6 degrees of Antares from December 4 – 14. Meanwhile neither Venus nor Antares are visible due to their proximity to the light of the Sun. However, the Sun is a doorway, meaning we can attune to the mysteries of this star with our hearts and our intention and attention.

Special Venus Information for December 2009. A once in eight year event is occurring this month that the builders of New Grange in Ireland were tracking. According to Christopher New Grange IrelandKnight and Robert Lomas in their book The Book of Hiriam the builders of New Grange were known as the Grooved Ware people, a Neolithic culture balanced between theNew Grange being lit at Winter Solstice masculine and feminine principles honoring both equally. It appears these people had technology that predated the Egyptians and Greeks. New Grange was built to track the Winter Solstice and the once in 8 year heliacal rise of Venus near the Winter Solstice when Venus rises about a half hour before the Sun. This is happening at sunrise for most of this month with the Winter Solstice at the center point of this event.
Front of New GrangeAt New Grange, the long dark passage that leads to a special altar is lit annually by the Winter Solstice Sun precisely for three days, although the Sun is near the alignment for a couple of weeks before and after the Solstice. Every 8 years, near the December Solstice, Venus rises before the Sun lighting up the main altar. Then the altar goes dark and a short time later (about 20 to 30 minutes) the Sun rises relighting this sacred area. This was so important to these ancient people they took the time and energy to build this site to accurately capture these cosmological events. The building expertise needed to build New Grange with such precision is interestingly beyond our current technical ability.

Part of the work of Shamanic Astrology at this time is to reconnect with the Venus cycle, honoring and remembering how this cycle informs our experience. Each of us is born in a particular phase of the Venus Cycle and we all experience a Synodic Venus return every 8 years. This means that Venus returns to her original position near your birthday with the Sun at ages 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104. We have found that the Venus Return is one of the most significant cycles a person goes through especially when working consciously with it. This means if you are turning one of the above ages between April 3, 2009 and November 4, 2010 you are in your synodic Venus return cycle and this month is especially significant in regard to your personal Venus initiation.
by Cayelin Castell

Brought to you, by Magenta Warrior, Cup of God who brings us events of time! 

We recognize you as a spiritual being and welcome you to one family consciousness. Here at Active-Indigos, we respectfully address the ascension, flesh or light and descending, soul or darkness, process while creating local sanctuaries on earth. Thinking globally and acting locally while networking all spiritual communities and educating the workplace.

Elders come to be, when they stand to be free, to be heard of justice door, the place where all live to be, united in heart. United when apart. United in Spirit, to hold and have Heaven, inside the beginning, the Elders of the World. Who come home to what is heard. Who use love beyond all words. To know when LOVE is true. And Knows when we need the views, of pure light, of pure dark, of heaven and earth, abound as One who's gonna win. It's the Elders who refuse to budge and look for hues, instead sea with their hearts, and prays about all things in the heart.

I bless me. I bless the world. I bless you.

Warriors of the Earth  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Wrap about Paradigm Shift

When we approach Jewish Renewal we are challenged to engage with the Paradigm Shift.  Many are perplexed about this profound challenge in how we approach the emerging reality.  Paradigm Shift is a consciousness change that is flowing through science, art, and spirituality.  It is born out of the discourse of change.  The birth of a new way of seeing things, in the light of a civilization that is transforming its focus from a limited three tier universe (heaven, earth and hell), to one that takes into account multi-universes.  Quantum theory, feminism, minority rights, and a post-racial view of the world were realities that forced themselves into our collective psyche.  A world had changed.  But this was not the first time this had happened.

Moshe Kibeyl Torah beSinai – ‘Moses received the law at Sinai’.  Never has a phrase so challenged and retarded us in our history.  It is not the phrase itself, but our reading of it that caused such a problem.  There are those who hold that the entire Torah was received, including the Talmud.  The problems this view has created are manifold, including stopping us moving forward.  That there was a revelation that transformed our collective sub-conscious at ‘Sinai’ is a part of the mythos of our people.  This mythological event was a transformative part of our psyche.  It enshrined a new relationship with the Divine.  Yet, was it the same revelation as the one we have now.  ‘Would Moshe come to Shacharit and lay Tefillin?’  Clearly not, but we need to be aware that things have not always been as they are now.

This was the period of the Bayit Rosh, or the First Temple.  When we worshiped, we did it through the priesthood in the Mishkan Rosh, or First Tabernacle.  The Divine was still distant, and to be approached through others.  But the beginnings of a new way of looking at the universe were coalescing.  We were not alone in this journey.  Akhenaton had heralded monotheism some 150 years earlier with his Atenist revelation.  The first of the Zarathustra’s had taught the doctrine of Ahura Mazda in Persia.  The Saivite and Vaishnava movements were being transformed by the forest sages called rishi's into an ethical vision of spirituality.

It took the first exile to Babylon to transform the Jewish psyche.  Exposed to all of these cultural, intellectual and spiritual influences our paradigm changed again.  By the time the exiles returned to Judah, they did not recognize the Judaism of the Jews who had remained behind.  It was they who built and established the Bayit Sheni, or Second Temple.  It was also there genius that brought about the birth of Rabbinic Judaism. 

With the fall of the Second Temple, a new paradigm was needed for our people to survive.  This was the Judaism of the Talmud.  A new way of relating to the Divine grew out of a vast array of influences, from Platonism to Apollonius of Tyana as well as Mithraism, an offshoot of Zoroastrianism.  The various Gnostic teachers also added to this divine recipe and the Judaism that met the rise of the two other Judeo-based faiths birth and rise was born.

This pattern of challenge and change was to continue, through the rise and fall of Al Andalus (Moorish Spain), the Baal Shem Tov’s Hassidic revelation, and the Ben Ish Hai in Baghdad set the scene for the coming storm of modernity.  The Haskalah or Enlightenment was a challenge that threatened the old certainties.  Science and reason where suddenly made available to Jewish populations moving out of a dark age of oppression.  Some embraced the rationalist agenda and expressed this in the Reform movements of Hamburg, and the United States.  They saw mysticism and the Tzaddik Agenda as being a part of history.  The Jewish people were beginning to tackle the Paradigm Shift to modernity.

The pattern of history seemed set like the course of a river, but an avalanche was about to rock that course to its core.  To understate the influence of the Shoah, or the Holocaust upon the Jewish psyche is to do it an injustice.  It has defined our history for the entire second half of the 20th century.  Our responsa to it has been varied.

The last Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson established his outreach to fulfill his aim of ‘chadesh yameinu k-kedem’ –‘renew our days as they were before’.  This is a society ruled by a Beth Din, or Religious Court of Law.  (Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi, Renewal is Judaism Now, p28)

This mission statement meant that they [Chabad – a popular name for the Lubavitcher Hassidic Movement] sought, and seeks to recreate a world that belonged to an earlier paradigm, or model.  In trying to heal the injury done by the Shoah, the last Lubavitcher Rebbe sought to ‘turn the clock back’.  The reality was however that this ideal (and in his mind, Hassidic Orthodox) was beginning to crack.  In a city of such deep seated orthodoxy as Lvov, home of many Hassidic dynasties, a Reform Synagogue opened in 1880, and remained open until 1942.  Clearly some were opening to a new paradigm.

This Reform shule [Yiddish for synagogue] would have followed the German Reform Movement, that beacon of Progressive Judaism was slash-burnt to the ground in the ovens of the death camps.  Chabad and their ilk could claim the past, because so many of the Hassidic dynasties escaped in the early years of the Shoah.  The only ‘Reform’ voices were mainly American Reform.  The voices of a new consciousness rooted in a Hassidic and mystical culture who embraced a Progressive and egalitarian vision had been silenced.  American Reform just could not speak this language, and Progressive visions of the future Judaism languished in a ‘rationalist’ agenda that spoke more of Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson that the Baal Shem Tov, and Rabbi Isaac Luria.  Many Jews of Orthodox upbringing could not feel ‘comfortable’ in a world were halacha and chassidut were seen as quaint parts of our history.

The years after WWII where a whirlwind of activity for world Jewry.  Simply rebuilding our numbers and supporting a besieged Israel occupied us rather than rebuilding our culture.  Jews behind the Iron Curtain were suffering from the oppression all those poor souls suffered.  Chabad and the other Hasidic dynasties looked on communities busy engaging with an emerging new world, and enjoying freedoms and wealth never before possible.  Increased wealth meant more yeshivot training Rabbis to go out and take up positions in our communities.

In the 1960’s a great shift in consciousness began in the West.  The wisdom of the East, and especially India and Tibet began to come to the West.  These spiritual systems took in our injured youth, seeking to hear a message that fitted with their times.  These spiritual traditions were holders of spiritual technologies that rivaled the modern world’s scientific achievements.  This message was also clothed in love.  A healing began in the hearts of our young.  The miracle of this encounter was that so many of these teachers told their Jewish students to go back to their communities and take what they learnt with them.  I can vouch for this, as a Tibetan monk, I was present with several other Jewish monks who were given this very instruction.  Many Jews had been central to bringing this Paradigm Shift to the Western psyche, but in their hearts they remained Jewish.  How could they not bring healing and reconnect with the ways of their mothers and fathers?  The civil rights agenda, Gay and Lesbian rights, Feminism were all issues that these visionaries were open too.  But how to return? 

As the Orthodox Rabbinate became more Haredi than Dati (ultra-observant rather than observantly religious), and these mainly Chabad trained Rabonim moved into communities unable to hire a Rabbi, with all the support structures of the Chabad Outreach arm, the discourse of Orthodoxy became increasingly fundamentalist.  The rebuilding of the shtetl was happening in people’s minds.  Rabonim who could hardly pass a secular high school curriculum, yet highly steeped in Talmud took up communal leadership.  These poorly educated Rabonim were leading congregations that were made up of highly educated Jews, and their children who were already manifesting the Paradigm Shift in the wider community.  The result, many left observant Judaism and all looked bleak.

Young people growing up in this milieu were at a crisis point.  Was there a future of Judaism?  What were the choices?  American style Reform, or observant Hassidic Orthodoxy seemed to be the only voices coming to the table for most Jews seeking to reconnect.  Conservative Judaism was undergoing a struggle between reformers and traditionalists. 

But Rabbi’s Schachter-Shalomi and Carlbach were engaging in a dialogue with modernity.  They offered the gifts of tradition, mysticism, song, and joy via there various gifts.  Reb Wolf-Blank was creating a nascent community of brave spiritual pioneers in the Aquarian Minyan and the ideological and philosophical birth of Renewal emerged.

Meanwhile Israeli Backpackers were carrying cassettes of Rabbi Carlbach, Sephardi Israeli music and the growing Kabbalah was beginning to enter the parlance of Western Jewry.  As Israelis began to move into Jewish communities a living Hebrew culture was made immediate and relevant to many young Jews, Havurot began to form.  These synagogues without allegiance to any particular movement began to transform the Jewish landscape.  Progressive Judaism in all its forms was beginning to flow back to Israel as well.  Those who felt trapped by an increasingly restrictive Rabbinate began to want a progressive but spiritualized Judaism.  But how to move forward?

Jewish Renewal began to form, and its ideas began to imbue the consciousness of the Jewish psyche.  A Progressive Judaism did not have to be secular Judaism.  Some of the great voices in this new Progressivism were the new wave of women Rabonim.  These women brought a world of observance back into the Jewish lexicon of Progressive and Conservative Jews.

We are now 40-50 years into this evolution.  Waves of Jewish teachers, Rabonim, and philosophers have returned home.  Many converts who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and culture made the broth richer. 

The Reconstructionist movement, whose founder Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan ordained the first woman Rabbi in the 1930’s as well creating an operating system for negotiating modernity joined the Progressive Union.  This body is undergoing massive evolution and many of these Reconstructionist Rabonim share Jewish Renewal influences, if not outright membership.  Sephardim who were also Progressive are increasingly having their voices heard creating a diverse and emerging new set of voices in the choir of the Jewish people.

Joseph Campbell stated that western Judeo-Christian myth was essentially a dialogue of divorce.  (Masks of G-d, DVD from VHS 1989)  Its terms of reference worked well 3000 years ago, but were worn out.  What were needed were new ‘prophets’ who would breathe new life into the spiritual dynamo of Judaism.

In the Tibetan tradition, the great teacher Guru Padmasambhava was said to hide termas, or treasures.  These termas where spiritual treasures meant for a future age so that the tradition could speak for a new age.  These termas must meet a few criterion.  They cannot refute what came before them.  They must bring a new consciousness to flower.  They also must gather a community of practitioners to bring life to this new spiritual paradigm.  They in essence bring about a paradigm shift.  These treasure finders are honored with the title to Terton.  Some of these treasures included ritual objects, sacred texts and the most precious of all the mind termas.  Treasures that matured in the mind of the teacher.  They all shared in one quality.  They provided a path to freedom.  The way home!

Many faiths have their Tertons:  Zoroaster, Socrates, Taliesin, Apollonius of Tyana, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Quetzalcoatl, White Feather Francis of Assisi, and the list goes on.  Judaism has had its share to Tertons.  Avraham Avinu, Joseph haNavi, Moshe Rabbeinu, Yochanan ben Zakai, Maimonides, Baal Shem Tov, Mordecai Kaplan, Rav Kook to name just a few.

Grounded in Chassidut, Kabbalah and Torah learning, Rav Zalman Schachter-Schalomi found a treasure mature in his mind.  This treasure was the Paradigm Shift.  This revelation taught that we need to expand our model, creating a Cosmic Judaism.  A Judaism that can live with Quantum String Theory, Evolution, Feminism, and GLBT rights.  Instead of creating a world of the past, he conceived of a Judaism Now.  Others gathered, thirsty for this new Kiddush.

With his Credo of a Modern Kabbalist (2004) and Jewish with Feeling 2005, Reb Zalman and Jewish Renewal became a part of the mainstream Jewish world.  The Paradigm Shift became a part of the Jewish story.  Around this time Kabbalah became part of popular culture and a Paradigm Shift Kabbalah emerged.  Rav Luria, the ‘father’ of Kabbalah revealed this system in response to the fall of Al Andalus (Moorish Spain).  This system was taken up to bleak Eastern Europe in the world of the Mussar Movement (a legalistic moralism that flourished in Eastern Europe).  Like all Piscean movements, it emphasized fasting, penance and suffering with a mason-like secrecy around the Holy Kabbalah.  You had to be over 40, married, strict observers of the law (as a limited few saw it).  You also had to be male. 

We live in world were the old sureties are no longer applicable.  We have changed, and the Paradigm Shift is here.

The Paradigm Shift is a time of birth, of renewal and of transformation.  It is an expression of the universe’s yearning to ascend upwards.  Paradigm Shift Kabbalah, Halacha, and Judaism are part of that vision of Reb Zalman’s for a ‘sky-like’ Judaism.  With the other leaders of Jewish Renewal such as Rabbi’s Marcia Prager, David Cooper and Debra Orenstein a new wave of spiritualized Judaism is emerging.  This Paradigm Shift opens up new paths rooted in the old. 


Brought to you by Cup of God, magenta warrior who keeps track of time, to bring to you events that turn, our hearts to open ended swim, where the heart wins!

Warriors of the Earth  

New Moon November 16 2009: From the Underworld Shifting

New Moon November 16 2009: From the Underworld
Ciclo 6 | Vuelo 8 | Día Solar: 133 | Día Lunar: 14 | Gregoriano: 31/X/09

Las Pichitankas www.losbosques.net
New Lunar Month coming to vibrate us from underneath:
Solar Giants: You on top of the Valley of Three Peaks living four overlapped planes and reactivating us from underneath

Solar Cycle: Navigating Growth in the South and Appeasement in the North
New Moon: Flows us with underground tides from the Underworld

Gigantes SolaresDrawn in Heavens: The Valley of Three Peaks

Previous: Looking into the disposition of the heavens is to restitute unseen worlds remembering different roles we perform in the music of the spheres as vibrational keys, diverse as the life we are while we move through space, giving colors and shapes to our manifest worlds.
Dispositions still active:
  • ‘Period of Transition in Relationships’to adjust our roles until December
  • The Restitution of Identities revealing our invisiblized, denied, denigrated asepcts… hidden in caves… because we already are others.
  • The Accelerated Vibration to reach the new rythms and frequencies that govern the sidereal immensities where we dwell now
  • Multidimensionality and its expansion
  • Live Multidimensionally and Revert Inequities
Lunar Month Disposition: Re-Activation from Down Under

Remember the Waning Moon week is out of the cycle?… like if it did not exist, we are in the tunnel between what was and what will be. In few more hours it will already be and we get out of the tunnel, but don’t start running for everything will happen under your feet.
We already lived multidimensionally and to see this you need to look at four overlapped planes but distinguishing each one.

First Plane: Balancing tension (Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Uranus) decides to put things in order, by force if necessary. Do not battle for there will be no winners, flow with the waves no matter how strange they are in order to achieve results by perseverance not shrewdness.

Second Plane: Imagine you are the top of a tetrahedron that spins around and through you to reactivate from underneath, from the Underworld, from the plane that sustains without being seen and from there will spin your world (Earth, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Pluto). You will be able to see where you have to go now, the path you were not seeing, what you need to do in order to keep on going, changes life decided for you and yes or yes you will go on with them. That’s where life flows.

Thrid Plane: a new axis is established around which your life will turn and will be defined by Earth, Chiron, Neptune, Venus and Saturn.

Fourth Plane: The magical triangle where the third factor is the way out of entanglements (Mars, Venus, Jupiter). The more tension you feel, when you reach the point ‘and now what?, relax and wait, parts in dispute already weaved the solution and it will appear by itself.
Bluish Magic in the Wheel of Life - www.losbosques.netAnd the Valley of Three Peaks is the representation of those four planes: month for adjustments, path reactivation, new action axis and ways out through the third option.
This lunar month it will not be possible to keep on dragging along those heavy burdens to wich we enslave ourselves willingly, cut the ties and slide through life lightly… it will be easier to find yourself.
Look how life without saying anything nor showing it, leaves a node in each place and carries on to create another one, if she had to carry everything she lavishly leaves along we would not be here and life would be not: her secret to keep on being is deliver her parts to continue reproducing herself.
About this, you can remember reading on sacred gemonetry, but when you do it avoid ‘learning’ or ‘understanding’, just slide through the flows those shapes create, that’s how life travels… lightly.
That’s what I looked at from my bluish stone, life traveling lightly; click on bluish image and travel lightly this solar phase that will last until the end of December.
Ciclo Solar
We are still living the flows from last transformation (November 7) and they will mix with the New Moon.
Southern Hemisphere:
Sincronícese al Crecimiento con click en la imagen - Synchronize to Growth clicking on the image
Solar Cycle Phase/Vital Emanation: Growth
Navigation: Kingdoms of Air
Forces and Potencies: Heat
Life Planning: Feed what we have created for our lives this year (since last June) which already are shaped and are fully manifested, with synchronization that expands beyond the Kingdoms of Earth and integrate with the Solar System, where the pitcher is irrigating life’s recovery (see Solar Giants in last flight). These are times for growth, for buds to become the maximum expression of their flower, until acquiring their own authority and capability to reproduce life from their own life.
Dorkhyt: Synchronize before initiating any action and request to remember how to flow with and in others. You may evocate, but not necessarily with Dorkhyt, you will do it as you flow with others.
Northern Hemisphere:
Para Sincronizarse al Aquietamiento click aquí
Solar Cycle Phase/Vital Emanation: Appeasement
Navigation: Kingdoms of Earth
Forces and Potencies: Dryness
Life Planning: In search of watching my origins I enter asking ‘where do I come from?’ on the 4th. Section for the Transition to Next Solar Cycle(with downloadable guide), which will last approximately 16 days, it’s time to go in search of ancestors to listen to what was left forgotten.

Dorkhyt: Synchronize turning with black holes until penetrating in your origins, once there evocate following your own paths.
Ciclo Lunar
Southern Hemisphere: Green Moon
Northern Hemisphere: Misty Moon
Channels in both hemispheres for Full Moon: Underground Tides

Lunar Month
New: Monday, November 16, 19:14 UT (15:14)
Waxing: Tuesday, November 24, 21:39 UT (17:39 Bolivia)
Full: Wednesday, December 2, 07:30 UT (03:30 Bolivia)
Waning: Wednesday, December 9, 00:13 UT (Martes 8, 20:13 Bolivia)
Source: U.S. Naval Observatory
This Monday we start the new Lunar month, portals among worlds already recovered their density and for many that is part of the past as a ‘nice’ experience; however, multidimensionality emanations left open the portal for the UnderworldMankha Pacha or Urkhu Pacha for the Aymaras… the Annwn for the Celts…

Neither black, nor dark, nor bad. Just one of the worlds we dwell in or that inhabits us where transformations unleash… it’s like The Cauldron where happenings and destinies are cooked, what’s produced there is not seen from here, its magic is invisible as life that leads, gives shape and contents, arriving into this world through underground tides.

And from that world they spoke to the Moon, Her Daughter, and assigned her to bring unto us in her tides flows prepared with Solar Giants and then emerge in four vortex forming a tetrahedron that will spin us… from underneath… and spinning we will be this Lunar month.

Watch events on your life, before qualifying them with desqualifications of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, let those tides show you the new axis, new paths and travel slightly, burdens will be taken by the outgoing tides of the Moon.
are waiting to walk along your Reactivation from Underneath. You are the only one who knows what you need.Written by New Moon November 16 2009: From the Underworld

 "There is a secret
that almost nobody knows.

I will tell it to you
if you promise
to tell someone else:

The world isn't quite finished yet,
it isn't quite complete.

It's still

Everywhere you look
and everywhere you listen,
someone or something

is helping
to make the world."

~ excerpt, Making the World by Douglas Wood.

Brought to you by Cup of God, magenta warrior who keeps track of time, to bring to you events that turn, our hearts to open ended swim, where the heart wins!

Warriors of the Earth  

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prophecy Unfolding With Judgments From Everyone Around Us. How Do We Cope?

Beloved Relatives,
Judging others is what we do every single day, and as space folds, light earth and dark heaven merge to be one space, we will judge others more and more.  This will not stop.

You see, right now we all have a sixth sense as we call it, and it is the feelings of the heart or some call the gut feeling (as our spirits flow to and fro from our belly button).  And this sixth sense is going to be more and more knowing.  If we know about another's being, they are not able to hide anymore, what they have been hiding in the last phase of evolution, their thoughts.  Now we can read their thoughts, and we need to cleanse our own minds in order for others to not read our own impure thoughts.

But what is different, is the way you handle this.  We are learning to be warriors, who stand their ground.  And the only way to do it, is to allow them to say what is on their minds, no matter how badly it may sound.
We do this with Validation!  This is called the law of love.  When we validate, we listen to another's wounded heart, because when they are calling you names, they are really saying, someone called me these names and now I have not forgiven, and now I will call you these names. 

If we listen to others, we allow them to vent their feelings. We validate, that we have heard their thoughts, and we repeat what they said.  Not by saying, we are the words, but we say, we heard what you said.  This helps them shift into their hearts, because someone is finally listening to their wounded heart. 

Then and only then, after we have validated and used the law of love.  We let them have it, our thoughts, and our hearts voice.  We tell them what we need to say.  Now they probably won't know what to do, as they have no warrior skills, but if you continue to validate and most importantly, in the spirit space bless them on and on, they will eventually leave you and give up, because they cannot penetrate your inner strength, as you have learned to be a Warrior of Prophecy.

Standing your ground, and making others walk away is not easy, but we need work on it day in and day out.  This is our own personal evolution.  When you walk away, you get to do it over and over again.  If they walk away, they get to do it over and over again.  This is the law of love.  We stand our ground.

In the article below, Yehuda Berg says, "they are talking about themselves."  Yes, they are talking about themselves.  Because they are wounded and need love.  They need purification, and sometimes, just sometimes, we get through to the other party and we can teach them about the daily fire ceremony and we can teach them about the hourly blessings, to cleanse their own spiritual house. 

I was talking with Hawkwind Going Places in Grandmother Space yesterday, and I was telling him, that sometimes I have to be with others, like in a grocery store.  Sometimes people won't say hi or even look at you. And at these times, I go up to these people and tell them that they need to bless themselves.  If they come and ask me questions, then I can tell them what they have done.  But if they ignore me, then at least they have food for thought. I cared enough to get in their face, when in a time most of the world doesn't care about anyone.

Care enough to use the LAW of LOVE.  Validate them, and give them a spiritual hug with a blessing and then stand your ground.  This is what a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy learns to do, because if we don't learn these skills of the heart, we simply won't make it in the new time, when heaven is descending upon us all.

Heaven is merging with Earth.  And a few days ago I saw on the television, the scientists, went to the north pole, and they calculated that the whole of North Pole Cap will be all water in 10 years.  Indigos have been telling us this for about 30 years now, and this is going to be a physical shift not only a spiritual shift.  We need get prepared, and like scientists, they only study God's world, not know God's world, because they do not trust the self.  

God (oneness) tell those who listen, that we have three years, and I feel even less than that.  We need gather, because if we don't prepare for the upcoming catastrophes, we will be left numb and unable to cope with our surroundings of the world when it falls apart. 

Every single day when we listen to the news, somewhere there have been major catastrophes.  Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornadoes, Fire and Water Floods and the list goes on.  Remember this is every single day, another war upon the people emerges.  We can only prepare for change, we cannot change or control the changes.

Learn to walk the way of love, for Heaven only knows One LAW, the LAW of LOVE.  And they are going to purify the world, for this is evolution, the third phase of the dawning.  We are walking into paradise first by destruction, then we create. 
Holiness David read recently, "God says because of your sinful ways, these events will continue to happen!"  Those who resolve and stop their sinful ways are those who are pure of heart, and allow for receiving others, will learn to walk through fire, because as the Prophecies say, when the Red Star in the sky shows up, it will be too late to prepare.

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

house of the beloved

Brought to you, by Cup of God, Magenta Warrior, House of the Beloved

We're obsessed with making sure that people don't judge us, but it's an
exercise in futility. People will have their opinions no matter what, and
we have to allow them to do just that.

Today, let down your guard. Allow the judgments to flow. One of two things are happening: either there is some truth for you to hear; or they are talking about themselves. Usually it's both.
by Yehuda Berg - The Kabbalah Centre International

From the Essene Book of Moses , the ten commandments, brought to you by Holiness David

Thou shalt not make unto thee false laws, for I am the LAW, and the Whole LAW of all LAWS.  If thou forsake me, thou shalt be visited by disasters for generation upon generation. If thou keepest my commandments, thou shalt enter in thee Infinite Garden where the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea. Thou shalt not violate the LAW.  The LAW is thy God, who shall not hold thee guiltless.

honor thy earthly mother, that thy days may be long upon the land, and honor thy heavenly father, that eternal life be thine in the heavens for the earth and the heavens are given unto thee, by the LAW, which is thy God.

thou shall greet thy Earthly Mother on the Morning of the Sabbath (Saturday).  thou shalt greet the Angel of  Earth on the second morning.  thou shalt greet the Angel of Life on the third morning.  thou shalt greet the Angel of Joy on the fourth morning.  thou shalt greet the Angel of Sun on the fifth morning. thou shalt greet the Angel of Water on the sixth morning.  thou shalt greet the Angel of Air on the seventh morning. 

all of these Angels of the Earthly Mother shalt thou greet and consecrate thyself to them, that thou mayest enter thee infinite garden where stands the tree of life.

thou shalt worship they Heavenly Father on the evening on the Sabbath.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Eternal Life on the second evening.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Work on the third evening.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Peace on the fourth evening.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Power on the fifth evening.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Love on the sixth evening.  thou shalt commune with the Angel of Wisdom on the seventh evening. 

all these Angels of the Heavenly Father shalt thou commune with, that thy soul may bath in thee fountain of Light and enter into the Sea of Eternity.

the seventh day is the Sabbath (Saturday), thou shalt remember it, and keep it HOLY. the sabbath is the day of the LIGHT of the LAW, they God. In it thou shalt not do any work, but search the Light, the kingdom of thy God, and all things, shall be given unto thee. 
How Do WE Cope? 
1.Forgiveness 2. Cut off Head and Use the Heart 3. Receiving the Blessing!

1. Forgiveness

This is the way to forgive, Write it down on a piece of paper, and then burn it up!

Now this is a daily fire ceremony, about anyone or anything who have mistreated you past or present.  Even those who are part of your day, like the person who didn't know how to say hello to you!  Add their names to the paper to be burned in forgiveness .  Whomever in your day or past you need forgive.  And if they are on your mind, then they are the ones you need forgive.

This is important, the daily fire ceremony! And it must be on real paper, not electronic paper, because the paper is the trunk of a tree, the law that binds heaven with earth, like the leaves reach for the light or fire of the sun, and the roots reach  for water, the heart of the earth. This is why we are all called the tree of life.

2. Cut off Head and Use the Heart

This is the shift you need to succeed.  I tell my husband, and all women to teach their men, to say this to them, "Cut off your head, and use your heart". This process helps men shift from the left brain of intelligence into the right brain, where emotions live.  You see, the law of love, and all warriors need to be part of this knowing.  Because you have to learn how to navigate into the shadows of the valleys, where we will be going, the next phase of evolution, what we call the "Dawning", where brotherhood lives.  This is your mission, to bring us into brotherhood, but it can only be done with the law of love, the heart. So, you must start here.

Cut off your head and use your heart.  This means you need validate others and bless them first, before you have an opinion on anything. For example, someone called you an, "overbearing man."  The way to validate would be saying, "You just said, that I am an overbearing man, right?" Or "I heard that you said, I was an overbearing man!".  Both ways, validated another, with love, the law, by saying I heard your heart and your words, and you have a right to your opinion.  Yet you did not say, "I am a overbearing man".  You need not defend, since you are perfect.  And I know you are, we are the image of God, the perfect "I am".

Once you have done this, then you let them have it, with your wisdom and speak your truth (left brain, you shift back from right brain to left brain after the law of love is used).  And when everyone can speak their own truth, then we have brotherhood.  This will accomplish the mission,of brotherhood.  and there is no other way.  Receiving others, regardless how they deliver the voice, is love, the LAW of Heaven.

3. Receiving the Blessing

Giving is a male or flesh, the hand to hand of brotherhood.  Receiving is not giving. Learn to receive blessings from others including the voice of their wounded heart. You often give to others, but rarely do we receive.  Now this served us well in the last phase of evolution when only men existed, however it will not serve you when we walk into heaven (all that is negative and darkness), when law of love is paramount, receiving.  Again if you don't learn this way, you will simply die, and be reborn to learn the same lesson again. 

Right now, the only way to survive and walk through literally fire, will be trusting the heart, because darkness and lightness will merge as one space.  We cannot see, but we will have to sea, the vision of the heart, with closed eyes, or the third eye.  This vision is part of everyone, and this vision is how you became who you are.  You are from heaven, the darkness.  All we need do is bless this space to purify it, the dark space, where you do not see, but sea with the heart by receiving love! 

This is how to do this, once an hour, you say this, "I bless myself", "I bless the world" and "I bless you!" Again, this need be done once an hour, to purify your inner house, and this is all science, the study of God.  When Dr. Emoto blessed water, they turned into crystalline formations, or six sides.  We are the four sacred directions of the rainbow colors (http://crystal-indigo-children.blogspot.com), all of life, and the two other directions, or the ebb and flow of the knowing, the wisdom of the soul, where we ask and receive.  When you don't receive the blessing, the broken down parts of the flowing change forms, and when you bless, the form returns to perfection, the Star of David, or the crystalline form, the six sides of perfection.  We are the crystalline river flowing where the Green Grass Grow! And all we need to navigate is bless frequently. 

Remember to "Ask and Receive" your blessings from anyone!  And receive others regardless of how they come towards you good, bad or ugly.

If the whole world did these three things, then we would be in a place of brotherhood and abundance.  As when a person gives, they would be able to receive also.  This I see is your point of view.  But from heaven's point of view is this law of love.  We receive, therefore we are able to give to others!

1. daily fire ceremony to purify and forgive
2. saying hourly blessings, "i bless myself, i bless the world and I bless you! (this cleanses our spiritual house)
3. ask for your blessings from the spiritual elders of your community or ask us, the crowned ones, celestial (all crystal people wear this crown, interpreters of heaven) and earthly (only some lavenders wear this crown, the garden of paradise, the law of love, the living fire, like Holiness David.)

You want Brotherhood?  Then you will learn these ways and teach them to all the people.  we are warriors, and we will drag them down to the earth, to know humility and love, to bow down like the Rainbow does and at the end of the rainbow a pot of gold, where brotherhood and abundance is known.  This is where happiness relies upon, the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy!

There are skills, you need learn, also, this is why Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy walk with me, White Buffalo Calf Woman, as I will remind you of all the things you already know but have forgotten, because we haven't used our souls for eons. Listen the Wisdom of the Many Souls who Sing their Hearts (http://sacredsongblessings.blogspot.com). Now the time of dawning is upon us all, and these laws are coming home, where happiness is true bliss where dreams come true!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy intepreter


Fire Offers Purification

Friday, October 9, 2009


"Reliability is important, we are all guilty of not doing what we say, at least in a timely manner. Keep trying, and renegotiate, because sometimes it can cost you dearly."
    -Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

"Elders and Warriors of Prophecy do what they say!" By helping others we serve others, not ourselves.  True love receives, not gives.  Receiving is much harder to do, than giving. Those who give, want a pat on the back for good works, rather than true compassion, without the need to see further in the return to self.  Those who receive use the heart of the soul, and do what they say, and you can count on them when you need them to show up, as they show up and protect with their lives, not just say it, but do it!"
    -White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother   

Reliability means the ability to be relied upon. When we're talking about appliances, that's easy to understand. Flip the switch and if it does what it's supposed to do, it's reliable. With people it's not that different. To be reliable means that we do what we say we're going to do. Our words carry weight because we have proven through our past actions and behaviors that people can count on us.
    -Lissa Coffey

We rely on the stars at night to shine and we rely on the days to shine and when all is done and buried we rely that we will return again to shine!

Aho and Aha, Earth and Heaven, the eternal circle of life, we fly free!

And now when we return to be born with wisdom, we fly to the ends of the world to dream that the star rises within and without, we make the world the shadow of forgiveness, where the dawning has begun, as Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy arise to shine!

    -White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings

Fire Offers Purification

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ayurveda and Walking

An important part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle is the morning walk. Ayurveda recommends a walk in the morning as one of the best ways to start your day, and as a safe and easy way to get some exercise. As we breathe in that fresh, morning air, we take in much-needed oxygen. As we notice the beauty around us, we connect with nature and nourish our creativity. Regular brisk walking can lower cholesterol levels, stimulate circulation, strengthen the heart, and reduce blood pressure. Walking is also a great way to charge up your circulation and boost your metabolism. In addition, a regular morning walk can fend off stress and depression, help to prevent osteoporosis, and helps us to develop strength, stamina and endurance. Walking doesn't call on blood sugar for energy, and the brain is nourished by blood sugar, so walking is great exercise for the brain. In Ayurveda, morning is known as "brahmmahurat" and is considered the most auspicious time of the day. A little morning sunshine provides us with some Vitamin D. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your walk to stay hydrated. And pay attention to the signals that your body gives you, don't overdo it.

by Lissa Coffey 
brought to you by Cup of God, Magenta Warrior

Fire Offers Purification

I Bless the Nine Directions (in, out, up, down, here/around, w, e, s, n)

The ordained Cup of God that Flips Over and Pours Out! She Longs for the Wind, it Blows so High. I Take to the Moon it Glows so Bright. It is the Will of the Many Who Find the Shore. It is the Will of the Many Who Find the Way. So Why don't you take my Hand? Why don't you Sing upon High? The Way Eternal Right in Front of You? "Khesed חסד Loving and Faithful"
♫♪♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ OH HAPPY DAY!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

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