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I Bless the Sacred Nine Directions

High there ~ Rainbow family ~ Let me bow to thee. Cup of GoD is back (Summer Solstice 2011)~ Let's Dance!

Let me share my heart with thee. I finally re-unite with my family. I have been in a hole, U know, the kinda U make yourself. That’s why here starts my log-diary (magenta child's stories to share), blessings wherever I go – every cigarette (golden leaf, must start from the green grass steep/le), what a show! I should smoke less, or can one over-bless ;-) ? The fire-forgiveness-ceremony appeared to bee strange, as I was shocked about the huge field and range, of beings that came to my mind, bee (dream impossible dreams) it_I LOVE, bee it_I FORGIVE, bee it_I BLESS, in the end_it was “ALL kind ;-) ”.

Self-esteem re-charged, love spread along my way through the day. Blessing spaces I enter, the air & smoke I inhale, The fire (sun and rainbow colors), the water (rain, tears, clouds in the sky) need to bee ordinarily blessed and so do I. And so WBCW (White Buffalo Calf Woman our Twin Deer Mother) is right in saying that: “Upon blessing, ALL is well” (fine-tuned synchronicity says I, vision of me, the dream). The first step is done. We have come to the very core of my E-G-O (selfishness has been relieved through sacred blessings). Let’s rock those final walls! – Judging from day 01 (today), the blessings (Holy Week Day) really seemed to have infected the outcome of the day’s “meetings” & “experiments” positively (rather the right way, heavenly on the blue road display, the heart radiates all the way, a light from within, the golden ray, brotherhood is here to stay).

~ Yee-Haa ~ ThanX

Bowing to U, so U can flow through (grandmother dreamspace, gray),

your Magenta-Aqua-Yellow ~dancer~,

& wanna-bee “great caretaker & great librarian”

Blessed bee ***

Bees are world-class navigators. Honeybees communicate direction and distance from the hive to nectar sources through a sophisticated dance "language". In 1973, Karl von Frisch received a Nobel Prize for deciphering this bee language, which consists of a circle dance and a tail wagging dance. It accurately tells other bees the angle from the sun and the distance to the nectar. Bees use the sun as a compass. Even when the sun is obscured by clouds, bees can detect it's position from the light in brighter patches of the sky. Bees also can see ultraviolet designs in flowers like an airplane circling an airport sees the landing lights on a runway. Honeybees also have a built-in clock that appears to be synchronized with the secretion of nectar from flowers.

Do your dance, be the romance. The sweetness of the flower upon your breathe. Do bow to know the glorious show, it will be okay in a moment, when you let it all flow (through). Do not doubt who you are, the radiant and true. Just do your blessings and learn to exchange, your gift of love for all of his pain. Sings Grandmother Comfort in the Wind for Cup of God, the Honey Bees!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Venus is in Libra, Balancing Love!

Relatives, on August 6, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into Libra for a brief stay till September 8. It joins Mars, the planet of action and Saturn the planet of responsibility and reality already located in overcrowded Libra.

Venus, which rules the sign of Libra, is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional,attachments,marriages, friendships and other unions (like business partnerships). Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.

Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac and Venus is excellent at smoothing round rough edges, wanting to spread harmony and bliss around. Libra is known as the relationship sign not because it is especially emotional. As an Air sign it tends to be cool and detached but it does like to have a partner in life so puts its' considerable energies towards co-operation both at work and socially. With Saturn in Libra as well, the focus is definitely on relationships of all types including our relationship to ourselves and our own self worth.

However, it will not be entirely plain sailing initially, since Venus immediately runs into the complicated set of influences set up by planetary positions with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all ranged together in aspect. The Moon at this time is also in the first few degrees of fellow cardinal sign of Cancer, and the combination of Saturn/Venus in Libra, Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn, forms what is known as a Cardinal Grand Cross in astrology. A Grand Cross is a combination of (at least) four squares and (at least) two oppositions.

On August 7, Venus is in opposition with Uranus across the zodiac, which will throw up the odd romantic surprise. If you are insecure or possessive, Uranus will rattle you up. So be sure to give your romantic partners more elbow room to keep them happier. On the following day, Venus is conjunct or at the same degree as Saturn which suggests that work and duty have to come first. Saturn can be a damper and leave one feeling isolated; however, it can also add a touch of sophistication. Being charming in a business-like way will suit the mood. Then Venus opposes Jupiter on August 9, which always has a sugary sweet, marshmallow feel to it. Indulgence, frivolity and the lighter things of life will be on offer. No one will want to dig below the surface to sort out unpleasant issues so, while not it may not be exactly sincere, it can be very relaxing. And finally on August 10, there's a sexy, seductive, oh-so-possessive Venus square to Pluto. There will be charming smiles around but all with a hidden agenda behind them. Thereafter, Venus settles down to a more even pace of balanced equilibrium and fun.

Use the energies of the cosmic forces to improve all your relationships, achieve personal goals and grow as individuals. Use your wisdom to keep harmony and balance between your internal needs as well as the needs of others. A square usually indicates conflict, whether it is of your own doing or not, so face challenges instead of having decisions made for you. Being passive may not be a very useful tactic when powerful, cosmic energies are at work.

Thank you, astrology.com
Brought to you by Grandfather VeroniKa Holy Spirit
Elder White Light, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

 Fire Purification
There's a time for every season, to blossom and learn of our life, but now it's the season, to seek and purify. When we look for answers, then we are able to learn, but if we hide from each other, how do we find the wind (spiritual hearts).  Look with open eyes, the miracles all around you in the wind.  The sunlight, we feel, the green grass is near, the blossoms of flowers, that fill our lives, such abundance only God gifts to us this prize! 

*•♫♪♥♪♫•* Surprise, We are Singing over the land!

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Relatives, Thank you for your heart! Bless you along the path of your journey. May the winds,find you peace. And shall you learn the dance and song fills all wrongs. I pray with you, the sacred nine directions are pure...I light my fire for you today! Blessings upon you, Cup of God, Magenta Person, Halls of Consciousness, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

I Bless the Nine Directions (in, out, up, down, here/around, w, e, s, n)

The ordained Cup of God that Flips Over and Pours Out! She Longs for the Wind, it Blows so High. I Take to the Moon it Glows so Bright. It is the Will of the Many Who Find the Shore. It is the Will of the Many Who Find the Way. So Why don't you take my Hand? Why don't you Sing upon High? The Way Eternal Right in Front of You? "Khesed חסד Loving and Faithful"
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